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App-Builder from App Yourself is now also available on Windows Phone


Equipment provided already from AppYourself for iPhone and Android, is from now on also available for Windows Phone devices: An easy-to-use App-Builder, which allows you to quickly and cost effectively develop your own app for the 3 major platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.

And this investment is worthwhile, because now the most of user surf in the network via smartphone or tablet. 30 millions are already in Germany, and the trend is rising.

With a fitted Windows Phone 8 app local companies pick up their customers from where they reside. Adapt in this way the spectrum of their marketing channels to the current market dynamics.

Low cost without expensive programming: starting from € 5 per month, you can get by AppYourself your own app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Quickly and without consuming training: in 15 minutes, the first version of your app is ready for use.

Windows Phone third largest platform on the smartphone market

Already now, Windows Phone by Android and iOS is the third most important platform for smartphone operating systems. After Microsoft has bought end of the last year Nokias smartphone division, is expected that this market will raise. Analysts growth at 15% for the year 2018th Microsoft should not be underestimated as an industry giant.

Finally, the company has good arguments on hand:


Windows smartphones offer a favorable price-performance ratio and can also convince potential customers that still use any mobile device.


Users praise also the intuitive interface (Metro).

Good interaction

The seamless interaction between Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office on the PC / notebook and smartphone makes Windows Phone interesting for many companies.

According to Business Week Windows Phone is already better than its market share. Operating concepts such as “Live Tiles” that Microsoft has developed have been still adopted by Apple and Google. Even the Windows Phone Store is by far not as filled as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. This creates the opportunity to be there very well perceived with an app. With an app from AppYourself the companies can develop their own Windows 8 Apps shortly and introduce themself in Windows Phone Store.

On the cutting edge

Create high-quality Windows 8 apps by yourself

Become the newest developments in the market of mobile devices just by creating an Windows 8 App for your business – so you are again one step ahead before your competitors.

Windows Phone Apps powered by AppYourself come up with a very unique design, therefore, which has been specially adapted to the design language Metro of Windows Phone 8. During portation where noticed Microsoft’s design guidelines and regulations.

Our App-Builder offers for the design of your app diverse opportunities for individual and industry-specific design. Compatible with your corporate design, select colors and upload your own picture for icons and your company logo.

Moreover AppYourself offers various template images from more than 15 industries. Whether retail, automotive, construction and living, or culture and leisure: for each you will find several image templates of high photographic quality.

Why not try it right now? Your self-created app you can finally try out indefinitely for free and compulsory.

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