Create a mobile website

A mobile website, also called web app, is a special form of a classic website. Its layout and usability are adapted to mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets, so that it can fit the screen size and display menu and content optimally. A mobile website can not be confused with the responsive design. A mobile website was established parallel to the conventional website. When the page is launched via smatphone the layout adjusts immediately to the screen size. The user has several option to become active using a web app.


The advantages of the mobile Website

Mobile website, is fully integrated with apps, all changes in app will be visible on You website.

Can be created simply

There is no registration to AppStore required to use a mobile website. Your updates and improvements can be implemented very quickly and easy.

Mobile websites can be launched on the various smartphones and operation systems

All mobile websites users are independent from App Store Providers

Mobile apps ensure competitive advantage, which is often an underestimated feature

Create a web app – the freestyle in the mobile web

Opposite to a mobile website, a web app is technically not really different, a web app however, depends much more on smart phone users on the go. We, at AppYourself, have the concept of picking up the apps ( Download from the App Store) and transferring them into the classic web. The result is a web app that is designed not only for the smaller screens but also to the other type of user. Especially for companies whose products and services are frequently sought on the move ( eg ” Pizzeria Berlin Mitte ” ) it is recommended to develop a web app. Only a web app is optimally designed for the user on the go. In addition to that, a large difference makes the interaction: The Mobile Website refers to the active user who needs for instance feedback and access to many other possibilities of the mobile site for themselves.

Thanks to the Responsive Design a classic site, as described, is displayed in optimized version, but it is not possible to offer him the advantages of a mobile website.

What is more, Responsive design is often not feasible in older sites, so that in this case the whole site needs to be redesigned. Many classical sites are not suitable for mobile use . With a mobile website, the classic site, even if she is older, remain. With the mobile website you have and especially your customers a new, independent platform that brings a lot of added value. In AppYourself customers also have the added advantage that they can create a native app in addition to a mobile Website / Web App. And all this without extra effort and with low cost..


Frequently asked questions about Web Apps

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How much mobile website cost?

Fee for the app depends from the package and starts from 5 € per month.

Which programming skills do I need?

None. With our modules app you can create a mobile version of your website without programming or technical knowledge.

Does mobile-website get a custom design?

Of course. You customize your app’s designt according to your individual requirements. Upload your logo and graphics such as images into the modules and then add them to your web app. From a wide range of colors, select the appropriate colors for different components such as title list or icon.

How web-app / mobile-website operate?

Your individually created app works on all mobile devices with Windows Phone, Android and iOS systems and naturally in almost all smartphone browsers.

Endless possibilities of the mobile website

A mobile website was designed for almost all browsers used on mobile devices. The mobile website is comparable to the responsive design. Also in that case we are talking about a website, that can be accessed via a smartphone browsers. The difference is that the responsive design depends on the regular website while the mobile website is designed and arranged independently.

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