Create your own Android App

Being on the way and at the same time in the network: this possibility are using more and more people for themselves. There are now nearly 30 million users over Germany who surf via smartphone or tablet on the Internet, and the trend is rising.


Optimally, you can address your fitted Android app to these modern mobilists. Expand the range of your marketing channels for the future. And this without an expensive Android programming. The modular system of AppYourself allows you to  create quickly and inexpensively custom apps for nearly all Android platforms: a programming knowledge is not required. Our modules, that are provided for you allow you to create service-oriented applications for your customers.

How to create your own Android App in three simple steps

In three simple steps own apps can be personalized created with our Android app Creator for Android devices. Choose a design that suits your business. Own logos and wallpapers can be thereby easily insert. In the next step you are looking for these from 30 blocks with which you want to equip your app. So you can find contact modules, a Facebook module or media gallery. Even videos can be built into the app. In the last step you publish your app. Our modules are all designed to satisfy, to look after your customers optimally, or designed to facilitate new customer acquisition. Our Facebook module, for example, sees itself very well to referral marketing.

How it works?

Choose a design that suits your business

Specify required content

Publish App

1000 and an opportunity with the App-Builder

All for You company

All necessary basic functions to support medium-sized companies in the customer service and to attract new customers, are available in our app kit. As a small originator of what is possible with the App-Builder, there are convenient packages f. ex. for driving schools or catering businesses.

App Builder

The App-Builder is used very often by developers to prototyping to deliver results very quickly. After about 15 minutes expense basic app functions can be discussed with the customer and run on all three major platforms: IPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Frequently asked questions about Android Apps

Or if You will have any other questions feel free to contact us:
What programming skills do I need?

You don’t need any of them. Our Android App Maker is written in Java, but these programming you don’t need to know.

For how long will my app be up-to-date?

In a dynamic market environment with short innovation cycles, we ensure that your app is also compatible with the new Android devices and versions. No time-consuming testing of various derivatives Android! All this is carried out for you diligently by our professional development team.

Can I select an own background?

Also for the background image you can again easily upload your own image. Moreover AppYourself offers from more than 15 industries diverse image templates. Retail, living and construction, health, culture or leisure: you will find each several image templates of high photographic quality.

Is it possible to have an own design?

Of course. You customize the design of your app according to your individual ideas. So for example as an icon image you can upload a private picture and as logo you can choose your company logo. Select a color from the range of colors for the title bar and the main color. You can adjust the colors on light or dark as well as subtle or intense. Furthermore they are three navigation modes available.

On which platforms the app is running?

The app created by yourself is running on Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS devices.

How much costs such an app?

You can test your app for free. After that you will choose on of the packages. The prices start from 5€ per month.

The app even design,let run on almost all Android devices

Will the next user install the app under the surface Plain Vanilla, HTC Sense or one of the many Samsung derivatives? One app from our Android App Maker doesn’t matter about this. It supports all common surfaces.It is also guaranteed, that your app will be always compatible with new Android devices and versions. Also testing all surfaces when adding a new functionality is omitted. And the best part: your app is running not only on Android devices, but also on iOS and Windows Phone!

Android App development is costly!

Create your App in minutes without coding

Anyone who has developed an app for Android, will know that the work is far from done with the sole program of app functionality. An app, that is perfectly fitting in the usual Android surface, that seamlessly continues the user interface of Android, needs a lot of special know-how.

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